Godot Fractal Art

This simple program displays the Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets. It was built with the Godot gaming engine using GPU shaders. 


Escape or Right Click will display or hide the menu.
All other controls are displayed on the menu.
Try switching to the Julia set, then press 'S' to control the fractal seed with the mouse.
Press 'S' to lock it in place.
Use the wheel to zoom and click and drag to pan.
'Quit' was designed for the desktop application, so doesn't work on the web.

See the Readme file for more, such as how to adjust the color.

Source Code

The source has been released under the MIT license and is available here:

You'll also need Godot 3.x to use the source code:


godot-fractal-art-win64.zip 10 MB
godot-fractal-art-linux.zip 12 MB
godot-fractal-art-osx.zip 13 MB

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